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Residency at The Institute For Art And Olfaction

Miles Regis Residency at The Institute For Art And Olfaction


Miles Regis to participate in a site-based residency at the

IAO between July 17, 2017 and August 18, 2017.


Miles Regis is a member of a small group of contemporary artists exploring the sensorial and

conceptual impact that scent can bring to their work. Mr. Regis’ practice is unique within the

context of his peers in that it is truly heterogeneous: Devoted to traditional artistic forms such as

painting and sculpture, Regis’ work also incorporates creative mediums such as fashion, music,

virtual reality and installation. It is with his wide-ranging and affective practice in mind that the

IAO has committed to supporting his explorations into working with scent.


During his time at the IAO we will endeavor to introduce his work to our community through

public events, and to provide unfettered access to the materials and perfume education that is

part of our core mission and our regular programming. We believe that Mr. Regis is an important

voice in an emergent field of contemporary creative expression, and brings to it the conceptual

practices and sound aesthetic decisions crucial to producing excellent contemporary work.

Later Event: September 17